Student Care

Student Care


Counselling is a way of helping students with personal problems; it is very important ingredient in shaping students’ behaviour and performance especially in schools. The school serves as a second home for the students. As the child grows and blossoms, he / she faces a variety of personal problems. Students with various problems in schools need to be listened to. We have a strong pastoral care system starting with Teachers, Mentors, Head mistress and Vice Principal and most of the personal issues are handled by them.

We have both full time and part time counsellor on campus and students are encouraged to meet them for any professional counselling.

Career Guidance

Career guidance helps students to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications and abilities. It helps them to create awareness among the students about Education systems. Comprehensive career guidance tries to help students to plan and make decisions about work and learning. Students sometimes are at a loss when it comes to a choice of a career. It is here that the school plays a pivotal role. We work in partnership with local professionals and provide guest lectures by eminent personalities. This will ensure that young people can benefit from direct, motivating and exciting experience of the world of work to inform decisions about future education and training options. They also get an exposure to the opportunities so that they can pursue overseas education options.